Heem Sohna Tomato (हीम सोहना टमाटर)

Heem Sohna Tomato (हीम सोहना टमाटर)
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  • Brand: Syngenta
  • Product Code: VZSYN02
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    Heem Sohna Tomato (हीम सोहना टमाटर)
  • Weight: 10 gm
  • ₹ 520.00
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Tags: Tomato , Syngenta , Vegetable seeds

Plant : Indeterminate tall vigorous plants, Medium foliage cover, profuse branching

Fruit : Oblate, medium size, 90-100 gm, Firm and uniform fruit size

Harvest : 65-75 days after transplanting

Fruit Colour : Ripe fruits are red and glossy

High yield potential & long duration 4-6 months

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