Khushbu Muskmelon (खुशबु खरबूजा)

Khushbu Muskmelon (खुशबु खरबूजा)
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  • Brand: Kalash
  • Product Code: VZKAL03
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    Khushbu Muskmelon (खुशबु खरबूजा)
  • Weight: 50 gm
  • ₹ 480.00
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Tags: Muskmelon , Kalash , Fruit seeds

Muskmelon Hybrid Khushbu - Kalash seeds

Fruit Weight - 1.2 – 1.5 kg

Days to Maturity  -75 – 78 days after sowing

Fruit Shape - Round Fruit Colour/Skin

Netted, yellowish fruit with groves on its surface

Orange flesh and sweet, heavy yield with uniform fruits

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