Barrix Magic Sticker - Blue (Pack of 30 Sheets)

Barrix Magic Sticker - Blue (Pack of 30 Sheets)
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Barrix Magic Sticker is an IPM - Integrate Pest Management product for monitoring sucking pests of high risk. Barrix Magic Stickers can be used as a monitoring tool as well as effectively control 22 different sucking pests like Aphids, Thrips, White Flies, Leaf Miner, Leaf hopper, Cabbage Root Fly etc., Magic stickers helps in identifying pest species, pest hotspot and timely detection of pests thereby reducing input cost and crop damage. 

How chromatic traps work?

Barrix Magic sticker’s colour has a distinct wavelength which mimics fresh young leaf that attracts fly pests to it. Once a fly pest sits on the sheet, it is stuck forever and cannot escape because of the strong glue. 


1.     Magic stickers are made of recyclable PVC sheets and frequency of the colour is optimized for maximum target pest attraction. The sheets attract only the target pest species and beneficial insects are not attracted by the traps. 

2.     The adhesive used is non-toxic polymer glue which is non-drying, non-dripping, retains glue tackiness at high and low temperature. 

3.     Magic stickers works effectively in all weather conditions. It can withstand sunlight, rainfall and heavy winds. 

Instruction for Usage

1.     Peel apart the sticky sheets, insert a stick through the slots in the sheets and place them just above the plant foliage.

2.     For monitoring purpose, use 5 Magic stickers per acre. For effective control of fly pest, increase the number to 15 sheets or more per acre (10 Yellow Stickers and 5 Blue Stickers) depending on the pest infestation.

3.     Place the magic stickers in equal distance across the farm in the direction of wind. In greenhouses, additionally use near vents and doors for better monitoring.


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